Instant Movie Ratings

Instantly rate the movies you play on your computer and keep track of whatever you watch, however you watch it.

Scrobbler ratings and history are integrated into your desktop so you can rate movies and check your history with a simple click.

How It Works

Scrobbler works on Windows, OSX, or Linux and identifies the titles you play on your favorite media player. It is possible to exclude files.

Supported Players:
VLC, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Movist,
MPlayer, KMPlayer, Dragon Player, Totem, BS, etc.

As soon as your movie ends a rating box appears. Rate the movie, and your history is stored while the information syncs with your SynopsiTV account.

with Less Clicking

When you rate with Scrobbler, the ratings work just like your web ratings on SynopsiTV. They are posted to your profile and activity page and are added to your personal watch history (all also accessible from the Scrobbler app).

You don’t need to visit our website or remember to update what you’ve watched, because Scrobbler remembers for you.

What’s Next?

We are happy with the launch of our desktop app as an example of what can be done with our newly public developers API. Over time we will roll out with updated versions with more supported media players, enhanced title recognition, and new video formats. Check in with us if you have any feedback, ideas, or questions.

Scrobbler v1.3

  • New Features
    • Official support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
    • Added Windows Media Classic to the list of supported players
  • Fixed Issues
    • Scrobbler now identifies movies when virtual drive is mounted

Scrobbler v1.2

  • New Features
    • Added support for SMPlayer on GNU/Linux
  • Fixed Issues
    • Notification is not displayed until video player is closed. That prevents users from being distracted while watching several movies/episodes in a row
    • Notification does not steal keyboard focus anymore

Scrobbler v1.1

  • New Features
    • Autoupdate on Mac OS X and Windows
    • .deb packages on Linux now distributed using Debian repository
    • More information on button added to history list
    • New setting for directly displaying rating window instead of notification
  • Fixed Issues
    • View Profile now displays correct profile after logging out and back in
    • Fixed executable permissions on Linux
    • Package name on Mac OS X renamed from to SynopsiTV
    • Fixed problem with displaying movie posters in History on Linux
    • Fixed windows desktop shortcut that caused the application to be unable to scrobble movies